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Training systems

HBM participated in the development of various training systems and complexes with extensive visualization capabilities.


The instrumentation and consoles visualization system

HBM have designed and developed software/hardware complex that provides dynamic photorealistic rendering and full functional simulation of arbitrary instrumentation and consoles. This became the enabling technology for the revised "Refrain" training complex.

The instrumentation visualization system consists of an arbitrary set of specialized processing modules with integrated touch screens, all dynamically connected via LAN to form a required configuration. The system employs special interfacing modules to handle the external signal sources.The hardware components of the system are maintenance-free, hot-swappable and hot-configurable.

Interaction with the controls is carried out with the help of touch screen gestures, and duplicates real operations.

ShootingRange training complex

According to an agreement with KD-company we have developed a multimedia interactive firearms training system. Specialized projection screen and tracking system supports all types of small firearms and standard ammunition.

By leveraging our videogames development experience, we have developed specialized software to provide a 3D visualization of different training scenarios - a set of standardized shooting exercises, as well as urban and field settings. We have also implemented the integration with hardware components of the complex.

"Environment" - 3D stereoscopic visualization system

In 2006, under the Moscow Space Research Institute R & D program, we have developed the prototype of the underwater environment stereoscopic visualization system. The system includes the following features:

  • Three-dimensional visualization of core elements of the environment: the underwater terrain, underwater objects and characteristic optical effects of the aquatic environment;
  • Stereo imaging mode, with an ability to alter the method of stereo-rendering;
  • Simulation of hydrodynamics, of different perturbations in water environment;
  • Realistic simulation of submersible vessel dynamics;
  • Realistic simulation of interaction of submersible vessel with the environment and surrounding objects.