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History of the company

HBM was founded in 2001. The core team has formed in mid 90-ies around the development and localization of multimedia software products, including cross-platform games (Sony Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gameboy Advanced).

HBM main projects in this period were primarily videogame-related — aimed at domestic market, some of them eventually got published overseas. Extensive development, involving information processing, visualization technologies, 3D-graphics, and computational physics has enabled the company to accumulate great knowledge and experience with multimedia applications.

Step by step, project after project, we began to apply our achievements in this field to another areas, not related to the videogaming. Our skills have been applied successfully to the training systems development (including sub-contracts for Russian Ministry of Defense), multimedia presentations, interior design software, billing and payment management systems, and server solutions for the online applications.

About our projects

If you paid us a visit to check our past accomplishments, here's links to relevant products of the past 10 years: