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Key areas

  • Console and PC games
  • Social games
  • Visualization
  • Construction and design software
  • Training systems and complexes


About us

Our company has a long history of entertainment and learning software development, along with production of "serious" applications.

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Our major activity areas

Game development

Since 2001, we have released a variety of entertainment products - "casual" games, shooters, simulators and arcades, RPG and social games. We provide a complete production cycle — starting with an original idea and finishing with a complete product and the subsequent maintenance. And our partners help us with the necessary resources:

3d visualization in architectural design and construction

Ландшафт 1.0

In 2003, HBM took a new direction of its activities - urban development visualization systems. The result of these efforts was "Landscape 1.0" software product, which is aimed to provide a visual support of project documentation.

Interior Design

Концепция MyVirtualHome

Two year-long fruitful cooperation with Creative Designers Software Pty. (Brisbane, Australia) and MVHI investment group (New Zealand) among other benefits resulted in even greater experience with specialized visualization tools design.

MyVirtualHome is known worldwide as a unique product that allows user to quickly create and explore a virtual building with photorealistic rendering quality.

Training systems


Since 2005 HBM developed several training systems and complexes. By combining advanced 3D visualization technologies, as well as using specialized hardware solutions, HBM created several systems that are used in various aspects of training: weapons training, underwater operations, aerial navigation.