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What's going on

2010 MMO TPS KillSkill have been released as a result of partnership with Playnatic Entertainment. We're also working on unannounced browser MMORPG and several casual/social games. Our Single-Sign-On and user transactions management system was developed and put into regular operation.

2009 The online division of the company was reorganized, Tahoe MMORPG platform have entered the final round of development. "Refrain" simulator components were put into operation by the Russian Defense Ministry. First games based on "HBM Casual" platform were released.

2008 A new area of our business development was esatblished with the release of construction projects visualization system "Landscape 2". Since then we are keen to design and deliver interactive presentation systems for construction companies. An agreement of intent was signed with "Energia" investment company. We started the development of Tahoe MMO server and multi-platform casual game engine.

2007 Russian and German versions of MyVirtualHome were released. MyVirtualHome is the extremeley easy-to-use 3D home design software, designed in cooperation with OpenGroup Pty. (New Zealand) and CDS Ltd. (Australia). We have also started the re-development of the navigation training/simulation system under the contract with St.Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation.

2006 A prototype version of 3D stereoscopic visualization training/simulation system was designed for Space Research Institute. A prototype automotive simulation platform - RKR was designed. A cooperation with OpenGroup Pty.(New Zealand) was started.

2005 Arcade helicopter simulation game RedShark 2 was released. We have also designed and released the ShootingRange firearms training system.

2004 Landscape, the city-scale 3D visualization system was completed.

2003 March Offworld Recon was published in 20 countries all over the world. We launched Moscow On Wheels automotive simulation project.

2002 HBM licensed Lithtech Talon Engine to develop the first-person action game, March: Offworld Recon. A long-term cooperation agreement was signed with Buka Entertainment publishing company.

2001 First casual game Crosswords Generator was released under HBM authorship. Software localizations became another separate area of business activity.


Together with our partners we have created a lot of exciting multimedia projects over the past 11 years.

We will help to make your ideas come true - it’s much easier than you could just imagine.Please contact us at contact@hbm.spb.ru